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several observations:

1) after attempting to talk a long time internet penpal into leaving his boyfriend and moving in with someone else, I really hope that somewhere between now and the time I'm a therapist there is going to be a big old class on "what the hell to say to people in really shitty situations."  "he choked me last saturday, it burst a blood vessel in my eye."  and "he calls my mom and tells her to come get me before I get hurt" are not indicators of a healthy relationship.  there's a reason I really love dark goddesses...the furies, ezili danto, kali...Ezili Danto in particular comes to mind.

Set kou'd kouto, set kou'd ponya.
Prete'm terinn-nan, m'al vomi san ye.
Set kou'd kouto, set kou'd ponya
Prete'm terinn-nan m'al vomi san ye.

Men san màke pou li.

Seven stabs of the knife, seven stabs of the dagger
Lend me the basin so I can vomit my blood
Lend my the basin so I can vomit my blood
My blood is pouring down.

and through it the most fiersome and awesome determination.

and I forgot the other observations.  oh well.


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