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I'm going to start journaling potential neurological fuckups:

today I had at least one anxiety attack, both sides of my face, especially around the eyes, have been twitching, my left arm went tingly and numb while I was just walking around holding the phone.

friday night while driving to conway the right side of my face and my right arm went numb and tingly for no apparent reason, while I was completely relaxed and comfortable.  it was the first time I'd experienced anything similar.  pretty sure lots of facial twitches occured, too.  I'm not sure if the weird numbness feeling migrated to the other side of my body or not.  it may be similar to the weird intense, semi-painful waves of energy I got back in late october.

today I also had one episode of depersonalization, I think that's the right word, for feeling like my awareness is falling backwards and is only interacting with the world through layers of plastic wrap.

while describing a stressful situation to chris on the phone I started shivering uncontrollably.  over the last few months this has been happening way more often than I recall it happening before.  it also happens more often when I'm just cold, but I'm pretty sure it's stress related.

the slight joint pain continues, but it's not as bad as before I took the steroid and the left side of my face stopped being paralyzed.


I don't know what the fuck is up with all this.  the doctor didn't test me for lyme disease because it would've been more expensive.  I'm on the antibiotic he would've prescribed had it been lyme, so I don't know what else to do if that's what it is.

between how much geschwind's sounds like me and the fact I've always had things like depersonalization episodes, I'm wondering about epilepsy.  I'm also wondering about hypochondria.  still, it would be nice to know conclusively what exactly is going on with me.  my left eye has been twitching randomly on and off the entire time I've been writing this.  an EEG would be ridiculously interesting even if I have nothing wrong with me.

yay for having health insurance coverage again in january!


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